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2020 Great Composers Tour

Status: Active

We are very pleased to bring you a different kind of tour built specially to distract us from the problems facing the world today. Open to all. Use any aircraft or livery. This tour will be open until at least 1 June 2021.

For more details download the tour flyer by clicking here

2020 Great Composers Tour

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Moscow Sheremetyevo Intl Airport (UUEE)Ufa Airport (UWUU)AFLGCT1001A320636 nm
2Ufa Airport (UWUU)Pulkovo Airport (ULLI)SDMGCT1002A319885 nm
3Pulkovo Airport (ULLI)Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (UWGG)AFLGCT1003A320480 nm
4Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (UWGG)Domodedovo International Airport (UUDD)SBIGCT1004E170205 nm
5Domodedovo International Airport (UUDD)Salzburg-Flughafen (LOWS)SBIGCT1005A3211029 nm
6Salzburg-Flughafen (LOWS)Cologne/Bonn (EDDK)EWGGCT1006A319296 nm
7Cologne/Bonn (EDDK)Flughafen Wien-Schwechat (LOWW)WZZGCT1007A321403 nm
8Flughafen Wien-Schwechat (LOWW)Praha - Ruzyně (LKPR)TVSGCT1008B738149 nm
9Praha - Ruzyně (LKPR)Warsaw Chopin Airport (EPWA)LOTGCT1009DH8D282 nm
10Warsaw Chopin Airport (EPWA)M. R. Stefanik Airport (LZIB)WZZGCT1010A320280 nm
11M. R. Stefanik Airport (LZIB)Birmingham / Airport (EGBB)RYRGCT1011B738769 nm
12Birmingham / Airport (EGBB)Parma Airport (LIMP)RYRGCT1012B738661 nm
13Parma Airport (LIMP)Leipzig airport (EDDP)TUIGCT1013B738405 nm
14Leipzig airport (EDDP)Frankfurt Airport (EDDF)DLHGCT1014A319163 nm
15Frankfurt Airport (EDDF)airport Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel (EDDH)DLHGCT1015A321222 nm
16airport Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel (EDDH)Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ)EZYGCT1016A320497 nm
17Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ)Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle (LFPG)AFRGCT1017A320452 nm
18Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle (LFPG)Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK)FINGCT1018E1901025 nm
19Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK)Bergen / Flesland (ENBR)FINGCT1019A319586 nm
20Bergen / Flesland (ENBR)Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne Airport (LFBZ)AFRGCT1020A3201040 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 10464 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: UUEELeg: 1 To: UWUULeg: 2 To: ULLILeg: 3 To: UWGGLeg: 4 To: UUDDLeg: 5 To: LOWSLeg: 6 To: EDDKLeg: 7 To: LOWWLeg: 8 To: LKPRLeg: 9 To: EPWALeg: 10 To: LZIBLeg: 11 To: EGBBLeg: 12 To: LIMPLeg: 13 To: EDDPLeg: 14 To: EDDFLeg: 15 To: EDDHLeg: 16 To: LIPZLeg: 17 To: LFPGLeg: 18 To: EFHKLeg: 19 To: ENBRLeg: 20 To: LFBZComplete
1Randy Dettmer CEO - FVN1*                    
2Balram Chandrasekharan - ANZ2233****                 
3Samuel Lemberger - SWA1150********************Tour Completed
4Jon Engen - DAL1742*                    
5Gustavo Redondo - AFR1802********************Tour Completed
6Nick Aitken EA - UAL9******************   
7Connor Vargas - AAL1787                     
8Johnny Pennason - DAL1511*                    
9Tom Thompson Air/Grnd Ops - KLM15********************Tour Completed
10Bob Adams - AAL1504********************Tour Completed
11Bob Kampmann KATL HM - ASA20********************Tour Completed
12Ken Shauntz - CAO800********************Tour Completed
13Zachary Kerr - UAL2168                     
14Mike Hill - ABX816********************Tour Completed
15Paul Goodman - WJA1494*************        
16Rizk Nasr - AAL1363                     
17Jorge Lopes - TAP1546*****************    
18Sam Ryan YSSY HM - AAL18********************Tour Completed
19Jonathan Davies - BAW1472****                 
20Rui Zarro - TAP216******               
21Dennis Arana - FVN418********************Tour Completed
22Ryan Shvetzov - SWA1449*******              
23Milorad Miucin - SAS2290                     
24Frederick Bruno - AAL2348**                   
25Mark James - BWA2403********************Tour Completed
26Lewis Gregory - AAL2570******               
27Michael Sawyer - SWA1961                     
28Pierre Dallaire - FVN1611                     
29Mark Di Domenico - VVR2013***                  
30Leo De Haan - KLM1269********************Tour Completed
31David Doyle - CPA2474                     
32José Henriques - TAP1357********************Tour Completed
33Fabien Maurin - AFR1713                     
34Sarah Alawami - SWA2003********             
35Kory Puderbaugh EA - FVN30                     
36Dale Willey - AAF1832********************Tour Completed
37Anson Cadogan EA - FVN52********************Tour Completed
38Daniel Tiganas - FVN1405********************Tour Completed
39Mark Dawson - BAW437********************Tour Completed
40Rennie Jaramillo - FVN443********************Tour Completed
41German Vega - JBU2072********************Tour Completed
42Robert Bukowski - DAL2621*************        
43John Bullock - JBU2478                     
44Phillip Prendergast - AAL1482                     
45Isaac Conwell - WIA1841*****                
46Roman Sill - TWA2254*******              
47Roderic Saunders - UPS997                     
48Chris Carter - DAL2690*