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A330 All Over Tour Pt 2

Status: Active

Welcome to the A330 All Over Tour Part 2. This tour will be open until at least 1 March 2022.

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A330 All Over Tour Pt 2

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Perth Airport (YPPH)Sepang/KL International Airport (WMKK)MASA33021A3322238 nm
2Sepang/KL International Airport (WMKK)Denpasar International Airport (WADD)XAXA33022A3331062 nm
3Denpasar International Airport (WADD)Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS)SIAA33023A333904 nm
4Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS)Ha Noi (VVNB)SIAA33024A3331199 nm
5Ha Noi (VVNB)Hamad International Airport (OTHH)QTRA33025A3322983 nm
6Hamad International Airport (OTHH)Katunayake/Bandaranaike International Airport (VCBI)ALKA33026A3331952 nm
7Katunayake/Bandaranaike International Airport (VCBI)Ibraham Nasir International Airport (VRMM)CSNA33027A333419 nm
8Ibraham Nasir International Airport (VRMM)Moscow Sheremetyevo Intl Airport (UUEE)AFLA33028A3333561 nm
9Moscow Sheremetyevo Intl Airport (UUEE)Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)AFLA33029A3325275 nm
10Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL)DALA33030A3331690 nm
11Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL)Guarulhos Airport (SBGR)DALA33031A3334059 nm
12Guarulhos Airport (SBGR)Jorge Chávez International Airport (SPJC)TPUA33032A3321878 nm
13Jorge Chávez International Airport (SPJC)El Dorado International Airport (SKBO)AVAA33033A3331021 nm
14El Dorado International Airport (SKBO)John F Kennedy Airport (KJFK)AVAA33034A3322160 nm
15John F Kennedy Airport (KJFK)Honolulu International Airport (PHNL)HALA33035A3324328 nm
16Honolulu International Airport (PHNL)Auckland International Airport (NZAA)HALA33036A3323832 nm
17Auckland International Airport (NZAA)Brisbane Airport (YBBN)QFAA33037A3321241 nm
18Brisbane Airport (YBBN)Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH)CPAA33038A3333755 nm
19Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH)Mauritius - Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (FIMP)MAUA33039A3324182 nm
20Mauritius - Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (FIMP)Paris Orly Airport (LFPO)CRLA33040A3325101 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 52839 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: YPPHLeg: 1 To: WMKKLeg: 2 To: WADDLeg: 3 To: WSSSLeg: 4 To: VVNBLeg: 5 To: OTHHLeg: 6 To: VCBILeg: 7 To: VRMMLeg: 8 To: UUEELeg: 9 To: KLAXLeg: 10 To: KATLLeg: 11 To: SBGRLeg: 12 To: SPJCLeg: 13 To: SKBOLeg: 14 To: KJFKLeg: 15 To: PHNLLeg: 16 To: NZAALeg: 17 To: YBBNLeg: 18 To: VHHHLeg: 19 To: FIMPLeg: 20 To: LFPOComplete
1Pierre Dallaire - FVN1611********************Tour Completed
2Samuel L******** - SWA1150                     
3Jordan W***** - DAL257                     
4Bob Kampmann KATL HM - ASA20********************Tour Completed
5Michael F***** - TOM1478********************Tour Completed
6Nick A***** ** - UAL9********************Tour Completed
7Will B***** - AAL8                     
8Stéphane Gaouette - FVN1581********************Tour Completed
9Milorad M***** - SAS2290********************Tour Completed
10Gilles-Gabriel G******* - THT2187********************Tour Completed
11Aaron D**** - DAL1058*******              
12Anson C****** ** - FVN52********************Tour Completed
13Tom T******* ******** *** - KLM15********************Tour Completed
14Mark C**** - BEE1424********************Tour Completed
15Fabien M***** - AFR1713********************Tour Completed
16Corey F***** - FDX2377                     
17Pete Werking MIA HM - AAL11**                   
18Ken S****** - CAO800********************Tour Completed
19Isaac C****** - WIA1841********************Tour Completed
20Lavon W***** - UAL2170                     
21John Navara KLAX HM - FVN7********************Tour Completed
22Frank N***** - HVN2230********             
23Bob A**** - AAL1504********************Tour Completed
24Pedro S***** - AAL2048********************Tour Completed
25Jake M******* - ACA2713********************Tour Completed
26Ufuk G***** - ACA2599********************Tour Completed
27Kevin R****** - DLH329*                    
28Dean Cooper - AAL1737********************Tour Completed
29Zhaoyang Y* - CCA2940********************Tour Completed
30Jon Engen - DAL1742****                 
31David K**** - EZY707*                    
32Randy Dettmer CEO - FVN1********************Tour Completed