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Profile For Boudewijn Z****
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  • Pilot ID: ASA3783
  • Rank: First Officer
  • Total Flights: 18
  • Total Hours: 54.26
  • Location: Netherlands Netherlands
  • VatSim ID:
  • IVAO ID:

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Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
ACA668 CYHZ CYYT A320 (A320) 01.23 12/02/2022 Accepted
FVN60430 PANC PAYA B738 (B738) 00.55 11/30/2022 Accepted
WJA464 CYLW CYYC A320 (A320) 00.43 11/30/2022 Accepted
ACA1188 CYVR CYLW A320 (A320) 00.38 11/30/2022 Accepted
ASA43 PANC PABE B734 (B734) 01.09 11/29/2022 Accepted
DAL806 KDEN KSLC A320 (A320) 01.04 11/29/2022 Accepted
UAL1007 KIAH SKBO B738 (B738) 04.25 11/28/2022 Accepted
FVN60427 EHAM PANC B738 (B738) 09.04 11/27/2022 Accepted
ASA51 PANC PABR B738 (B738) 01.43 11/26/2022 Accepted
KLM1613 EHAM LTBA B737 (B737) 02.57 11/25/2022 Accepted
ASA172 PANC KPHX B738 (B738) 05.15 11/24/2022 Accepted
ASA167 PANC PAFA B738 (B738) 00.52 11/24/2022 Accepted
ASA67 PAJN PANC B738 (B738) 01.28 11/24/2022 Accepted
EZY7406 EHAM EGMC A319 (A319) 00.35 11/24/2022 Accepted
EZY1831 EGCC EHAM A319 (A319) 00.48 11/23/2022 Accepted
SKW5177 KDEN KASE A320 (A320) 00.21 11/19/2022 Accepted
FIN907 EFHK LOWI A320 (A320) 02.15 11/19/2022 Accepted
FDX1309 KSTL KMEM A320 (A320) 00.51 11/18/2022 Accepted