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Profile For Tandy A****
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  • Pilot ID: EWG3759
  • Rank: Captain
  • Total Flights: 16
  • Total Hours: 186.04
  • Location: United States United States
  • VatSim ID: 810556
  • IVAO ID:

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Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
EZY8757 EGKK LGKR A321 (A321) 02.48 11/29/2022 Accepted
WOW125 BIKF KBOS A321 (A321) 05.15 11/27/2022 Accepted
WOW815 EGKK BIKF A321 (A321) 02.40 11/26/2022 Accepted
DLH459 KSFO EDDM A346 (A346) 11.08 11/24/2022 Accepted
BAW2791 EGKK LPMA A321 (A321) 03.42 11/20/2022 Accepted
QTR1304 HECA OTHH A359 (A359) 03.06 11/19/2022 Accepted
DLH410 EDDM KJFK A346 (A346) 08.38 11/17/2022 Accepted
JBU1105 KJFK KORD A320 (A320) 01.49 11/11/2022 Accepted
BAW684 EGLL LOWI A320 (A320) 01.23 11/05/2022 Accepted
TVF3458 LPPR LPMA B738 (B738) 01.43 11/04/2022 Accepted
FVN268 EGKK LEMG A321 (A321) 02.30 10/31/2022 Accepted
FVN268 EGKK LEMG A321 (A321) 02.26 10/29/2022 Accepted
BAW2672 LCLK EGKK A320 (A320) 04.37 10/27/2022 Accepted
DLH434 EDDM KORD A346 (A346) 09.41 10/24/2022 Rejected
CFG1605 LGSK EDDM A321 (A321) 02.14 10/23/2022 Accepted
CFG1604 EDDM LGSK A320 (A320) 01.54 10/18/2022 Accepted
QTR94 LSZH OTHH A359 (A359) 05.11 10/16/2022 Accepted