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  • Pilot ID: UAL3690
  • Rank: Trainee
  • Total Flights: 16
  • Total Hours: 16.16
  • Location: United States United States
  • VatSim ID:
  • IVAO ID:

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Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
SWAUSA1017 KPVD KDCA E170 (E170) 01.05 08/09/2022 Approval Pending
SWAUSA1016 KBWI KPVD E170 (E170) 01.04 08/09/2022 Accepted
SWAUSA1015 KBOS KBWI A20N (A20N) 01.20 08/09/2022 Accepted
AALUSA1014 KILG KBOS E175 (E175) 00.50 08/08/2022 Accepted
DALUSA1013 KBTV KILG E175 (E175) 01.04 08/08/2022 Accepted
JIAUSA1012 KPHL KBTV E175 (E175) 00.56 08/08/2022 Accepted
AALUSA1011 KMHT KPHL E175 (E175) 00.47 08/07/2022 Accepted
DALUSA1010 KEWR KMHT E175 (E175) 00.39 08/06/2022 Accepted
RPAUSA1009 KPWM KEWR E175 (E175) 00.51 08/06/2022 Accepted
EDVUSA1008 KJFK KPWM E170 (E170) 00.42 08/05/2022 Accepted
JBUUSA1007 KDTW KJFK E175 (E175) 01.21 08/04/2022 Accepted
SKWUSA1006 KMSN KDTW E175 (E175) 01.03 08/04/2022 Accepted
DALUSA1005 KMSP KMSN E170 (E170) 00.37 08/04/2022 Accepted
SKWUSA1004 KFAR KMSP E170 (E170) 00.45 08/03/2022 Accepted
SKWUSA1003 KBZN KFAR E170 (E170) 01.35 08/03/2022 Accepted
ASAUSA1002 KSEA KBZN A20N (A20N) 01.12 08/03/2022 Accepted
ASAUSA1001 PAKT KSEA A321 (A21N) 01.30 08/02/2022 Accepted