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Profile For Clifton A********
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  • Pilot ID: AAL3399
  • Rank: Captain
  • Total Flights: 11
  • Total Hours: 149.55
  • Location: United States United States
  • VatSim ID: 1290879
  • IVAO ID:

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Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
AAL1507 MMUN KDFW B738 (B738) 02.30 12/02/2021 Accepted
UAL1086 KIAH MMUN B739 (B739) 01.49 12/01/2021 Accepted
UAL1578 KLAX KIAH B738 (B738) 02.59 12/01/2021 Accepted
KLM1665 EHAM LEBL B738 (B738) 01.58 11/30/2021 Accepted
AAL1223 KDFW KRNO B738 (B738) 02.55 11/29/2021 Accepted
AAL2380 KCMH KDFW B738 (B738) 02.02 11/29/2021 Accepted
AAL2284 KDFW KCMH B738 (B738) 02.11 11/29/2021 Accepted
AAL2220 KORD KDFW B738 (B738) 02.03 11/21/2021 Accepted
AAL2303 KMIA KORD B738 (B738) 02.49 11/21/2021 Accepted
AAL273A KCLT KMIA B738 (B738) 01.34 11/21/2021 Accepted
AAL379 KDFW KCLT B738 (B738) 02.05 11/20/2021 Accepted