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Profile For Marcos C*******
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  • Pilot ID: AAF3353
  • Rank: First Officer
  • Total Flights: 16
  • Total Hours: 69.22
  • Location: United States United States
  • VatSim ID: 1578648
  • IVAO ID: 671508

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Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
FVN69 KBOS KBGR M20 (M20) 01.11 12/05/2021 Accepted
IBX3134 RJSS RJAA CRJ7 (CRJ7) 00.48 12/04/2021 Accepted
TAM3325 SBCF SBGR A321 (A321) 00.58 12/03/2021 Accepted
FVN2323 VIDP VIAG C172 (C172) 01.02 12/02/2021 Accepted
FVN478 EGLC EGGP C172 (C172) 01.41 12/02/2021 Accepted
VRG1121 SBCT SBGR B738 (B738) 00.40 11/14/2021 Accepted
KLM9283 EDDH EHAM E190 (E190) 00.58 11/09/2021 Accepted
AEA7706 LEBL LEMD A332 (A332) 00.56 11/07/2021 Accepted
TAM3380 SBGL SBCF A321 (A321) 00.50 11/06/2021 Accepted
DLH170 EDDF EDDT A321 (A321) 00.45 11/05/2021 Accepted
AAL1763 KLAX KLAS A321 (A321) 0.50 11/04/2021 Rejected
AAL1763 KLAX KLAS A321 (A321) 00.50 11/04/2021 Accepted
IPM5607 SBGL SBGR A20N (A20N) 00.50 11/02/2021 Accepted
VRG2189 SBVT SBRJ B738 (B738) 00.55 11/01/2021 Accepted
TAM3380 SBGL SBCF A321 (A321) 00.56 10/31/2021 Accepted
AZU2519 SBGV SBCF AT72 (AT72) 00.41 10/30/2021 Accepted
FVN7007 KBOS KASH C172 (C172) 00.21 10/30/2021 Accepted