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Profile For Federico P****
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  • Pilot ID: UAE3352
  • Rank: Captain
  • Total Flights: 13
  • Total Hours: 127.36
  • Location: Italy Italy
  • VatSim ID:
  • IVAO ID:

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Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
LAN705 LEMD SCEL B789 (B789) 13.07 11/21/2021 Accepted
QFA9 YPPH EGLL B789 (B789) 17.19 11/19/2021 Accepted
QFA101 EGLL YSSY B789 (B789) 18.37 11/18/2021 Accepted
MAS133 WMKK NZAA B773ER (B77W) 09.18 11/15/2021 Accepted
UAE8027 OMDB EGPF B773ER (B77W) 07.17 11/13/2021 Accepted
UAE318 OMDB RJAA B773ER (B77W) 07.57 11/12/2021 Accepted
LAN1161 SCEL SCCI B788 (B788) 01.24 10/27/2021 Accepted
UAE8418 OMDB VTBS B773ER (B77W) 05.35 10/27/2021 Accepted
UAE230 KSEA OMDB B773ER (B77W) 13.51 10/25/2021 Accepted
UAE8353 WSSS OMDB B773 (B773) 06.56 10/24/2021 Accepted
UAE8354 OMDB WSSS B773ER (B77W) 06.40 10/24/2021 Accepted
UAE215 OMDB KLAX B773ER (B77W) 16.51 10/23/2021 Accepted
UAE8903 OMDB OJAI B773 (B773) 02.44 10/22/2021 Accepted