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  • Submitted By: JB
  • Departure Airport: San Sebastian (LESO)
  • Arrival Airport: La Seu d'Urgell Airport (LESU)
  • Aircraft: F100 (F100)
  • Flight Time: 00.46
  • Date Submitted: 09/18/2021
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(180 load / $ 900.00 per unit
$ 162, 000.00
Fuel Cost:
(3648 fuel used @ 0.78 / unit)
$ 2, 845.44

Additional Log Information:

smartCARS version, 2021/9/18 UTC
[03:45:09] Preflight started, flying offline
[03:45:09] Flying Fokker-100 American Airlines 650-15 N1412AA
[03:45:09] Engine 1 is on
[03:45:09] Engine 2 is on
[03:47:35] Pushing back with 8981 lb of fuel
[03:48:35] Taxiing to runway
[03:50:35] Flaps set to position 2
[03:50:46] Flaps set to position 3
[03:51:14] Taking off
[03:51:41] Climbing, pitch: 4, roll: level, 161 kts
[03:51:47] Gear lever raised at 97 ft at 169 kts
[03:52:03] Flaps set to position 2 at 456 ft at 200 kts
[03:52:09] Flaps set to position 0 at 607 ft at 218 kts
[04:28:57] Flaps set to position 1 at 10315 ft at 203 kts
[04:29:04] Flaps set to position 2 at 10219 ft at 191 kts
[04:31:42] Gear lever lowered at 6182 ft at 190 kts
[04:32:13] Flaps set to position 3 at 5083 ft at 178 kts
[04:37:50] Flaps set to position 4 at 984 ft at 152 kts
[04:38:21] Touched down early at -422 fpm, gear level: down, flaps: 4
[04:38:35] Landed in 2014 ft, fuel: 5335 lb, weight: 92335 lb
[04:38:35] Taxiing to gate
[04:38:40] The flight may now be ended
[04:38:40] Taxi time was less than 15 seconds
[04:38:40] Arrived, flight duration: 00:46
[04:38:43] Flaps set to position 0


Commenter Comment
JB Barbour This is a airport I would have to come back to and do some rework on it. Theres to many trees close to the glide slope and runway. It\'s been a while since I have landed at or near a stall. This is one of those FBO\'s you have to stay on throttle moniting when coming in. You have to keep those engines ready right there at the last minute, just in case you need them. Not a bad airport in deed. The kind of places I like flying too.. I can just picture as I was coming in there at the real FBO there would be livestock near by on the hillside. Looking at all the meadows on the landings. A Rockwell 112 or 114 or even a Cirrus would be great coming in here for a nice weekend getaway. Hats off to the planners on this one!
Michael Van Rooyen EGLL HM JB, do a search on google, flightsim and Avsim, there is a scenery file you can download that removes all trees from the approaches to runways and airfields.
Route Map