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Flight SWA5905
  • Submitted By: Daniel Kinder
  • Departure Airport: Newark International Airport (KEWR)
  • Arrival Airport: Denver International Airport (KDEN)
  • Aircraft: B738 (B738)
  • Flight Time: 3.53
  • Date Submitted: 09/02/2019
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(148 load / $ 900.00 per unit
$ 133, 200.00
Fuel Cost:
(22533 fuel used @ 5.1 / unit)
$ 114, 918.30


Commenter Comment
Daniel Kinder ACARS hung Here is the log. Would not let me file PIREP.\r\n\r\nsmartCARS version, 2019/9/2 UTC-5\r\n[01:00:00 AM] Preflight started, flying offline\r\n[01:00:00 AM] Flying Boeing B737-MAX 8 Southwest N8710M 737-MAX8\r\n[01:00:00 AM] Engine 1 is on\r\n[01:00:00 AM] Engine 2 is on\r\n[01:02:36 AM] Flaps set to position 1\r\n[01:02:41 AM] Pushing back with 28630 lb of fuel\r\n[01:02:52 AM] Sim paused\r\n[01:04:00 AM] Sim unpaused, simulation rate: 1X\r\n[01:04:02 AM] Taxiing to runway\r\n[01:04:48 AM] Sim paused\r\n[01:06:55 AM] Sim unpaused, simulation rate: 1X\r\n[01:12:39 AM] Taking off\r\n[01:13:08 AM] Climbing, pitch: 8, roll: 2 degrees right, 176 kts\r\n[01:13:14 AM] Gear lever raised at 30 ft at 190 kts\r\n[01:14:46 AM] Flaps set to position 0 at 3620 ft at 200 kts\r\n[02:20:30 AM] Gear lever lowered at 37542 ft at 244 kts\r\n[02:20:30 AM] Gear lever raised at 37541 ft at 244 kts
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