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Membership Terms and Conditions

Fly Virtual allows its members a place to enjoy the flight simulation hobby and the privileges of flying and logging hours in a community environment.

Our rules, terms and conditions, security and cookie policy (what you are reading now) are linked in the main page welcome block and can also be found via the link at the bottom of all site pages and in the Pilots Center page.

Fly Virtual allows pilots maximum flexibility to fly everything from realistic air carrier routes, to pattern work in a C172, to bush flying Alaska or the Congo. The world of simulated aviation is wide open. Military missions and aircraft are also an option. Military operations are limited to airlift/humanitarian and point to point missions.

There is no testing or hour requirements, letting you pick any aircraft you want to fly. Pick any route and if it’s not in the system, just create your own flight in smartCARS 2 or via our comprehensive charter system on the website. Yes, you can fly a C-152 on an American Airlines schedule if you like.

General Membership Information

  • Fly Virtual is a virtual aviation network supporting flight simulation enthusiasts and the virtual aviation community
  • All members must be at least 13 years of age
  • The flight sim community generally expects users to us their real names (names used in real life).  Fly Virtual expects the same
  • We support Flight Simulator 9, FSX, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D and X-Plane Simulators (X-Plane on MAC is also now supported but there is a small fee for the connection client via the Flight Tracker website)
  • Fly Virtual Membership is free
  • Members must install our SmartCars 2 or the Flight Tracker logging client for use when flying. SmartCars is not supported on Windows XP and earlier versions. Flight Tracker is not supported by MAC OS before 10.15
    • Filing flight reports via SmartCars and Flight Tracker is the preferred method for logging flights. However, it is possible to file a manual report via the Pilots Center. Manual reports should include a link to the flight on the Volanta, FsHub or Vatsim platforms.  Volanta and FsHub are preferred. Manual reports are for special exception and are considered case by case.
  • We do allow up to 125 hours to be transferred from other Virtual Airlines and or verified on a Vatsim or IVAO account
  • Vatsim membership is not required but encouraged
  • New members must fly their first flight within 30 days
  • Members must fly at least 1 flight per month to remain active
  • Pilots can request leave if they are going to be unable to fly for extended periods
  • No double dipping (flying the same flight for 2 different VAs at the same time is not allowed)
  • Membership is a privilege and Fly Virtual reserves the right to terminate pilots without notice


Some virtual airlines have very strict flight standards and others have none at all. Flying to the strictest standards does not allow for new pilots to learn, and at the same time, flying with no rules is pointless as there is no challenge or drive to learn. We have adopted just a hand full of basic rules allowing room for the newest pilots to the most experienced.

  • Reasonable airmanship is expected on each flight.
  • We understand flight sim glitches & problems along with weather engine driven overspeeds and the like.
  • Our landing rate goal is -600 fpm or less.
  • Entering a comment when filling a flight when expectations are exceeded will almost always be considered favorably.  Communication lets us know that you have knowledge that a problem occurred.
  • Time acceleration, slewing while inflight, unlimited fuel & inflight refueling are not allowed. Military aircraft that have the capability to refuel in flight are excepted.
  • Changing aircraft after starting SmartCars or Flight Tracker is not allowed.
  • Flights may be paused at any time for as long as a pilot wishes.
  • Diverts are allowed with the following considerations.
    • Normal planning requirements will be reviewed before approval – example: was departure fuel correct for the flight route plus VFR/IFR reserves
    • Must add a comment to your report with these items: State the flight is a divert, Divert ICAO and Reason for divert - Example: Diverted to KLGA. Weather below landing minimums.
  • See our New Members forum for tips, tricks and advice.

Along with activities like product giveaway events and tours we provide forums and a Discord server for member use.

We expect our members to be courteous, respectful and professional in our forums and Discord and when flying on networks and chats systems linked to Fly Virtual. These systems should not be exploited for non-Fly Virtual ventures.

Using our forums is also a friendly place to get to know your fellow pilots, share your experiences and adventures or get some help.

Pilots flying on Vatsim, Ivao or other popular networks may use any call sign you wish on those networks regardless of the flight you are flying in our system. We ask please add “FLY VIRTUAL” in your flight plan remarks block when flying those networks and select the respective dropdown in SmartCars or Flight Tracker.

Website/Internet Use Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions refer to the website and apply to the entire website, SmartCars, Flight Tracker and Discord.

License to use the Website

Fly Virtual holds the intellectual property rights of information contained on the website except those for which fair use applies or others have rights to. Any use of information found on the website is for member personal use only and cannot be republished or distributed by any means for any reason. Standard copyright laws apply.

Any links or information published that might infringe on other copyrights or is placed on the site for any type or personal or commercial gain will be removed without notice. Sanctions may be placed on members publishing or submitting such items including termination. Fly Virtual reserves the right to report illegal activity conducted by its members.

Acceptable Use

Using this website in any way to damage or impair its operation, or in any way which is illegal, unlawful, fraudulent or harmful, or in connection with such purpose or activity is prohibited.

Use and access to the website is restricted and accessible by user ID or email address and password. User ID and passwords are for personal use only and are not to be distributed in any way.

Member Information/Content and Privacy/Cookie Policy

Any information or content submitted by members above information provided for registration purposes becomes the property of Fly Virtual and may be published on the website. Members may mask their last name on public pages at their discretion during registration or at any time via Edit Profile function in the Pilot Center. Certain information, such as your email address, is considered confidential and is only available to staff members. Fly Virtual being a non-commercial venture with free use by its members pledges it will never sell or distribute member information to any 3rd parties.

Fly Virtual employs cookies to keep track of your local computer’s settings such as which account you have logged into and notification settings. Cookies are pieces of data that sites and services can set on your browser or device that can be read on future visits. We may expand our use of cookies to save additional data as new features are added to the Service.

Fly Virtual collects the following personal information:

  • Information that you provide by registering as a member
  • Information about your use of the website
  • Any other additional information you provide

Fly Virtual may use this information in the following ways:

  • Administer the website
  • Personalize the website for your activity
  • Enable your access to and use of the website services
  • Publish information about you on the website
  • Send you information via email

Fly Virtual privacy policy is in effect for the website and services it provides only. Links to other sites will use that site’s privacy policy.

Fly Virtual is based in the United States. No matter where you are located, you consent to the processing and transferring of your information in and to the U.S. and other countries. The laws of the U.S. and other countries governing data collection and use may not be as comprehensive or protective as the laws of the country where you live.

Fly Virtual generally retains personal data for so long as it may be relevant to the purposes identified herein. To dispose of personal data we may delete it or take other appropriate steps. Data may persist in copies made for backup and continuity purposes for additional time.

Fly Virtual will promptly remove your online account data/information at your request via the staff@flyvirtual.net email address, however, you will no longer have access to any member functions on the site.

Fly Virtual takes organizational and technical precautions within reason to protect any data submitted and contained on the website.

We reserve the right to update or modify our terms and conditions and Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notice. Please review this policy periodically, and especially before you provide any information.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions and by using this website, you state you are 13 years of age or older and consent to Fly Virtual’s website use, privacy and cookie policy.

If you agree with our Rules and Regulations, you may continue to fill out the Application by clicking below.

If you agree with our Rules and Regulations, you may continue to fill out the Application by clicking below.

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