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Author Topic: A little about IVAO Flying and controlling (Read 107 times)
Bob Kampmann KATL HM
Senior Executive Captain
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Posted at: 24-10-2017 08:18:20 pm

A Little about IVAO

IVAO is about the same as Vat Sim except that there are less pilots flying and less controllers at any given time. Vat sim is much more controlled and strict than IVAO is.  In the US there are very few controllers on IVAO.  Most of the controllers are in Europe as IVAO is a Europe based Sim control group.

I have been a controller on both and from a controller’s standpoint IVAO is far better to control on than Vat Sim. Not near the rules. Not to say you can’t get into trouble on IVAO because you can. There are no costs for IVAO and very little training or testing to fly on IVAO. Same with controlling, you can be a controller on IVAO with a very small amount of training, but you are limited to where and when you can control until you have completed higher training.

If you wish to fly on a system where you can see other aircraft and fly with friends or as a group, then IVAO is the one to fly on.  Also, if you like flying with very little in the way of controllers then IVAO is for you.  On the other hand, if you want to be controlled during your flight then I would say to go with Vat Sim.

If anyone has any questions about IVAO and IVAO flying or controlling just contact me by email or on Team Speak.

Here is the Link to IVAO:


Jerry Robinson

Military Ops


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Posted at: 16-11-2017 02:40:16 pm

Jerry, it is nice to see someone else here who flies on the IVAO. I do myself. smiley




Jim R****

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Posted at: 28-12-2020 06:57:27 pm

Yes, it is good to see other IVAO members involved in this venture. I was acquainted with Fly Virtual many years ago when another IVAO member invited me to join but at that time Fly Virtual wasn't fully developed. Today is a different story as Fly Virtual has added lots of enhancements and tools for the pilots.

I'm a new member here but I have lots of flight time on IVAO. I presume that if this airline was posted in IVAO as a registered airline on their Headquarters website more IVAO members would join. I found it by accident as it is advertised in the US Division only. The problem here is that the US Divison merged with the Canada Division and now we are called the XA-Division. Fly virtual is not mentioned there as an approved VA.

My tenure on IVAO started in 2001 and I have never flown in any other network. In time I became the Director of the US Division and being a real life pilot I became ATC and Flight Instructor for 6 consecutive years. I had to vacate my offices due to temporary illness. IVAO offers ATC and flight instruction where other networks only offer ATC instruction. I offered instruction from basic flight knowledge to ATP. Many of my students were from VATSIM who became IVAO members only to learn to fly.

Now, some VATSIM members would reply to me that VATSIM offers pilot training. That is advertised in their pages today but not in 2003. Although they advertise training, I just searched their website and many links to training are broken. A person needs to be a member and sign in to get any info on training, which tells me that they are very selective on disseminating this information.

While Jerry Robinson has a point on VATSIM having more controllers, it needs mentioning that a pilot will not be very successful there without an advanced understanding of the Air Traffic Control System and their lingo. A non-pilot will certainly be stressed out when they get highly advanced ATC instructions. So far, I have not heard of VATSIM offering this instruction to newbies to where they become confident in their network.

As far as IVAO, if you want to be controlled in an area where controllers are not signed in, you can ask the division director and he can arrange for ATC service. If you happen to fly into controlled airspace you can tell the controller that you are a newbie and most likely he will help you get around, sometimes he even helps with the aircraft systems.

The way I see it, while VATSIM operates as a corporate environment, IVAO is a family and friends network. If this is for you, give it a try at this link: IVAO.



Last updated by Jim R**** on 28-12-2020 07:03:42 pm (Updated link).

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