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Author Topic: Boeing B737-800 Max by Rikoo (Read 34 times)
Jim R****

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Posted at: 28-12-2020 05:23:16 pm

Earlier this year Rikoooo released the free edition of their Boeing B737-800 Max for FSX and P3D. This is a features packed model with many useful additions including an FMC. It's also freeware which makes a big difference on your pocketbook. It also offers many airline liveries, eliminating the need to download them from other sources.

There are many aircraft models available on the net, both as freeware and payware and I have tested many. Since I am a retired mechanical engineer and commercial pilot, some features are important to me. The flight dynamics take the number one spot followed by the graphics content since I use FSX on Windows 10. Many other payware and freeware aircraft have horrible flight dynamics and I usually end up investing hundreds of hours correcting them to be useful to me. The graphics on many third-party aircraft, while they are very enhanced, they are high LOD which in many cases slow down the computer or even crash FSX. I discovered that FSX can handle a maximum of 12 LOD but many third-party software have as high as 20 LOD.

When I installed the Boeing B737-800 Max I made very minor adjustments to the aircraft.cfg file but really, many simmers wouldn't need to. I have tested that aircraft thoroughly and is one of my favorites. If anyone would like to try it, the link is below.



Link: Boeing 737-MAX8 Multi-Livery FSX & P3D - Rikoooo


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