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Author Topic: How to fix the "Authorization Server Error" (Read 67 times)
Diego V***** ********* *******
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Posted at: 09-01-2020 06:02:03 pm

Dear Pilots,

Some time ago i was faced with a very strange issue upon starting up Smartcars. When i opened smartCARS, i received an error box titled "Authorization Server Error" (not to be confused with "Authentication Server Error" when trying to log in). There are several potential causes and i will outline them, and their solutions, below.

First step: Check if TFDi Design has perhaps any server downtime via this link: https://tfdidesign.com/serverstatus.php

If all is OK there, please follow the steps below:

  • Try disabling your antivirus and/or firewall. On some occasions, various security solutions can restrict smartCARS' access to the internet.
  • Try repairing the .NET Framework 4.5 via the installer, located here. smartCARS requires the .NET Framework to function properly and it can sometimes become partially corrupt or damaged.
  • Go to Start, search "cmd", right click on "Command Prompt," and click "Run as Administrator." In the window that opens, type the command "netsh int ip reset & netsh winsock reset" (without quotes) and press enter. Then, close the command prompt and restart your computer. This allows Windows to clean and rebuild its information related to your network, which could fix network-related issues.
  • Make sure your Windows time and date are correct. This can cause issues with security certificates and other connection-related code.
  • If you are running Windows 7, make sure you have Service Pack 1 (SP1) installed and that all available updates are currently installed.
  • If the above three methods haven't solved the issue, contact the TFDI technical support department here. The issue will then require attention from a technical support team member.

Kind Regards,

Diego Varela Rodriguez


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