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Pilots: 834
Total Aircraft: 254
Hours Flown: 483214:04:43
Flights Flown: 138058
Miles Flown: 197899886 nm
Fuel Burned: 6827521951.9 lbs
Total Routes: 80345
Pilots in Flight: 20
Total Flights Today: 7
Newest Pilots
PID Pilot Country
AAF3415 Kenny T*** United States
AAF3414 Nishant T***** India
UAL3413 Sean C********* Canada
AAL3412 Johann Keyser South Africa
RYR3411 Narcis G*** United Kingdom
Recent Award Issues
PID Pilot Award
FFT3182 Charles G 6 Month Service Award
AAF3415 Kenny T Official Trainee Award
WJA3181 Devonne N 6 Month Service Award
UAL3413 Sean C Official Trainee Award
UAL3413 Sean C Greased -200
SWA2364 Richard A 2 Year Service Award
TAM2936 Didier K 1 Year Service Award
AAL1839 Michael K Greased -50
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FFT3225 Ronald P******
ACA2713 Jake M*******
AAL2265 Eric L****
AAF3414 Nishant T*****
GTI1332 Raymond Hammer
FVN48 Hank S***

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Welcome To Fly Virtual
Welcome to Fly Virtual!  Let us take care of all your virtual aviation needs and keep it all in one log book.
We’re not just another virtual airline.
We are a comprehensive virtual aviation network supporting flight simulation enthusiasts around the world.  Fly Virtual allows pilots maximum flexibility to fly everything from realistic air carrier routes, to pattern work in a C172, to bush flying Alaska or the Congo.  Military missions and aircraft are also an option.
There is no testing or hour requirements, letting you pick any aircraft you want to fly.  Pick any route and if it’s not in the system, just create your own flight in smartCARS 2 or in our comprehensive charter system. We support FS9 through FS2020, P3D and X-Plane.
Fly Virtual is an easy going organization. Our pilots come first and we keep it simple.  Our rules fit into two pages. 
Still have questions? Come visit us on our Discord server by clicking here or on TeamSpeak at ts3.flyvirtual.net.  Or, just email us at staff@flyvirtual.net
You can also find us on Facebook         Join Us on Discord  
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Aviation Museums Tour Open

Worldwide Aviation Museums Tour is now open.

>>>> Please find the more information in the Tour Flyer by Clicking here <<<<

Sign up in the tour module.

Posted by Randy Dettmer CEO on 09/04/2021
Live Flights
Live Flight Details
Airline Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/ETA
Recent Arrivals
Airline Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Submit Date Landing Status
FVN1104 Gustavo R****** A20N SAEZ SPIM 12/05/2021 -156 fpm Enroute
FVN8163 Deuel F****** B77L ELLX MMMX 12/05/2021 -589 fpm Enroute
FDX421 Scott C******* B77L KEWR KMEM 12/05/2021 -305 fpm Enroute
FVN28 Cam D***** B736 KMSO KASE 12/05/2021 -194 fpm Enroute
FVN1 Calvin C******* ** A320 KTLH KOCF 12/05/2021 -243 fpm Arrived
KLM1233 Godwin O***** B738 EHAM LFPG 12/05/2021 -238 fpm Arrived
FVN69 Marcos C******* M20 KBOS KBGR 12/05/2021 -461 fpm Arrived
BHS373 McTair G**** DH8D MYEF MYNN 12/04/2021 -854 fpm Enroute
UAL1547 Jose A****** B738 KFLL KIAH 12/04/2021 -238 fpm Arrived
KLM1002 Anson C****** ** B738 EGLL EHAM 12/04/2021 -307 fpm Arrived