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Total Distance Of Tour: 0 nm

Pilot's Progress

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1Randy Dettmer COO - FVN2************** 
2Ryan Ripley EDDF HM - FVN13************** 
3Kory Puderbaugh ATL HM - FVN14************** 
4Zak Reichenbach CEO - FVN1************** 
5Jarid Larson JFK HM - FVN6************** 
6Chris Longo HRO - AAL4************** 
7Nick Aitken EA - UAL9************** 
8Pete Werking MIA HM - AAL11**********     
9Bob Whiteside - AAL290************** 
10George Pap - AEE438              Tour Completed
11Matthew Dorrell - BAW318***********    
12Anthony Colduck - BAW294*************  
13Timothy Hucksoll EA - FVN5              Tour Completed
14Amon Schneider - DAL414************** 
15Bob Gougeon - DAL291************** 
16Roy Newcomer - ASA299************** 
17Rennie Jaramillo - FVN443************** 
18Tyler Thayer - UAL399************** 
19Jim Keil - FVN466************** 
20Rick Stratman - AAL580************** 
21Tim Bergt - AAL345******         
22Patrick Poole - UAL633************** 
23Richard Zacharias - UAL563************** 
24Franklyn Suliveres FA - FVN15************** 
25Mike Giaurakis - BAW398              Tour Completed
26Adrian Ramirez - AMX650************** 
27Adam Hooper - BAW796              Tour Completed
28Derrick Scott - FVN702*****          
29Antonio Ribeiro - AAL807*********      
30Scott Clifford - DRK772************** 
31Heron Domingues Jr - QXE743**             
32Eric Smith - ACA613*              
33Elliott Hayot - AAL637              Tour Completed
34JJ Pratt - AAL826************** 
35Brad Larsen - AAL868*              
36Danny Evans KLAX HM - FDX16************** 
37Andy Leung - AAL864****           
38Wayne Wortley - AAL915******         
39Randy Donnelly - FDX940************** 
40Dylan Williams - FVN767              Tour Completed
41Jared Logan EGLL HM - FVN12              Tour Completed
42Mark McCullough - CES611************** 
43Jose Alvelos - WZZ932************** 
44Joshua Pierce - SWA1018*******        
45Claudio Rocha - MPH922**             
46Paul Arthurton - TOM1035              Tour Completed
47Ken Shauntz - CAO800************** 
48David Congram - ACA1106************** 
49Rod Denison - AAL1064              Tour Completed
50Samuel Lemberger - SWA1150************** 
51Roy Rodriguez, Jr. - ANA1102************** 
52David Midgley - BAW560************** 
53David Jones - BAW1243              Tour Completed
54George Von Freiberg - FVN1319              Tour Completed
55Thomas Currington - THY1348              Tour Completed
56Geoff Reeves - ICE1361              Tour Completed
57José Henriques - TAP1357************** 
58Oscar Vazquez - QFA794************** 
59Patrick Kimbler - AAL1367************** 
60Austrico Ramirez - ACA1365              Tour Completed
61Zak Danielson - SCX1406************** 
62Donald Gessells - ASA1219*******        
63Rizk Nasr - AAL1363*