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2018 Poker Run

Status: Complete

Welcome to the 2018 Poker Run Tour.  Open to all. Use any aircraft any livery. This tour will close on 21 November 2018 at 2359z. Make Lady Luck your copilot and you could win!

For rules and more details download the tour flyer by clicking here

2018 Poker Run

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Heathrow (EGLL)Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle (LFPG)BAWPOKER1801A319188 nm
2Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle (LFPG)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM)AFRPOKER1802A321215 nm
3Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM)Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ)KLMPOKER1803B737507 nm
4Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ)Kerkyra Airport (LGKR)EZYPOKER1804A320487 nm
5Kerkyra Airport (LGKR)Nice Airport (LFMN)RYRPOKER1805B738620 nm
6Nice Airport (LFMN)Barcelona Airport (LEBL)VLGPOKER1806A320268 nm
7Barcelona Airport (LEBL)Karlsruhe Baden Baden Airport (EDSB)RYRPOKER1807B738517 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 2801 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: EGLLLeg: 1 To: LFPGLeg: 2 To: EHAMLeg: 3 To: LIPZLeg: 4 To: LGKRLeg: 5 To: LFMNLeg: 6 To: LEBLLeg: 7 To: EDSBComplete
1Scott Clifford - DRK772*******Tour Completed
2Logan Doux - DAL343*       
3Charles Rowden Sr - AAL808*******Tour Completed
4Ronnie Hazlett - AAY526*******Tour Completed
5Mark Dawson - BAW437*******Tour Completed
6Richard Zacharias - UAL563*******Tour Completed
7Mark Cable - BEE1424*******Tour Completed
8Wayne Chastain - DAL114*******Tour Completed
9Ryan Shvetzov - SWA1449*******Tour Completed
10Richard Ehlers - DLH1755******  
11Dale Willey - AAF1832*******Tour Completed
12Bob Kampmann EGLL AHM - ASA20*******Tour Completed
13John Navara - EIN626*******Tour Completed
14Fabien Maurin - AFR1713*******Tour Completed
15Dean Cooper - AAL1737*******Tour Completed
16Phillip Prendergast - AAL1482*****   
17Bob Adams - AAL1504*******Tour Completed
18Daniel Tiganas - FVN1405*******Tour Completed
19Michael Mosher - UAL1583*******Tour Completed
20Randy Dettmer COO - FVN2*******Tour Completed
21Samuel Lemberger - SWA1150*******Tour Completed
22Jean Patris - AFR1335*******Tour Completed
23Nick Aitken EA - UAL9*******Tour Completed
24Thomas Thompson - KLM1682*******Tour Completed
25Wesley Toma-Lee - JBU1837        
26Aalap Shah - UAE1290        
27Michael Conry - DAL1695**      
28Graesen Wood - UAE1848*******Tour Completed
29Frank Marafiote - ASA1116*******Tour Completed
30Patrick Uttrich - DLH330*******Tour Completed
31Daryl Hudnall - AAL1228*******Tour Completed
32Ken Shauntz - CAO800*******Tour Completed
33Connor Vargas - AAL1787***     
34Jim Guiller - EZY1667*******Tour Completed
35Kory Puderbaugh ATL HM - FVN14******  
36Anson Cadogan EA - FVN51*******Tour Completed
37Johnny Pennason - DAL1511*******Tour Completed
38Rui Zarro - TAP216*******Tour Completed
39Donald Gessells - ASA1219*******Tour Completed
40Mark McCullough - CES611*******Tour Completed
41James Stubbs - UAL1491*******Tour Completed
42Sam Ryan YSSY HM - AAL18*******Tour Completed
43Mike Hill - ABX816*******Tour Completed
44José Henriques - TAP1357***     
45Kevin Richter - DLH329*******Tour Completed
46Janek Sitsmann - SAS1447*******Tour Completed
47Alan Jones - SWA566*******Tour Completed
48Raymond Hammer - GTI1332*******Tour Completed
49Christopher Oakes - DAL1858*       
50Kerry Hendrickson - AAL1514        
51Aj VanMiddendorp - AAY1693******  
52Wolfgang Ahl - AAL478*******Tour Completed
53Jose Alvelos - WZZ932*******Tour Completed
54Paul McCullough - AAL1649*******Tour Completed
55Peejay Hou - CES629        
56Memo Kastrafando - THY1404*******Tour Completed