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Dreamliner Tour

Status: Active

Welcome aboard the Dreamliner tour celebrating the release of the

Quality Wings B787 Addon!

For full details download the tour flyer by clicking here 

This tour will be open until at least 1 October 2019

Dreamliner Tour

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Paine Field (KPAE)San Diego International Airport (KSAN)BOEQW01B788941 nm
2San Diego International Airport (KSAN)Narita International Airport (RJAA)JALQW02B7884824 nm
3Narita International Airport (RJAA)Suvarnabhumi (VTBS)JALQW03B7882513 nm
4Suvarnabhumi (VTBS)Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH)RJAQW04B788914 nm
5Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH)Bole Intl (HAAB)ETHQW05B7884384 nm
6Bole Intl (HAAB)Cape Town International Airport (FACT)ETHQW06B7882826 nm
7Cape Town International Airport (FACT)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM)KLMQW07B7895236 nm
8Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM)El Dorado International Airport (SKBO)KLMQW08B7894779 nm
9El Dorado International Airport (SKBO)Miami International Airport (KMIA)LANQW09B7881316 nm
10Miami International Airport (KMIA)Madrid / Barajas (LEMD)AEAQW10B7883841 nm
11Madrid / Barajas (LEMD)Frankfurt Airport (EDDF)LANQW11B789768 nm
12Frankfurt Airport (EDDF)New Delhi / Palam (VIDP)AICQW12B7883309 nm
13New Delhi / Palam (VIDP)Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS)AICQW13B7882248 nm
14Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS)Tullamarine Airport (YMML)TGWQW14B7883262 nm
15Tullamarine Airport (YMML)Auckland International Airport (NZAA)JSTQW15B7881426 nm
16Auckland International Airport (NZAA)Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZSPD)ANZQW16B7895064 nm
17Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZSPD)Mexico City International Airport (MMMX)AMXQW17B7886972 nm
18Mexico City International Airport (MMMX)Heathrow (EGLL)AMXQW18B7884813 nm
19Heathrow (EGLL)Montreal / Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Que (CYUL)BAWQW19B7882819 nm
20Montreal / Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Que (CYUL)Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)ACAQW20B7881990 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 64245 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: KPAELeg: 1 To: KSANLeg: 2 To: RJAALeg: 3 To: VTBSLeg: 4 To: VHHHLeg: 5 To: HAABLeg: 6 To: FACTLeg: 7 To: EHAMLeg: 8 To: SKBOLeg: 9 To: KMIALeg: 10 To: LEMDLeg: 11 To: EDDFLeg: 12 To: VIDPLeg: 13 To: WSSSLeg: 14 To: YMMLLeg: 15 To: NZAALeg: 16 To: ZSPDLeg: 17 To: MMMXLeg: 18 To: EGLLLeg: 19 To: CYULLeg: 20 To: CYVRComplete
1Anson Cadogan EA - FVN51********************Tour Completed
2Danny Evans KLAX HM - FDX16********************Tour Completed
3Kory Puderbaugh ATL HM - FVN14********************Tour Completed
4Jordan Wilson - DAL257****                 
5Randy Dettmer COO - FVN2********************Tour Completed
6Jose Alvelos - WZZ932********************Tour Completed
7David Midgley - BAW560********************Tour Completed
8Ronnie Hazlett - AAY526                     
9John Malone - AAL1151                     
10Samuel Lemberger - SWA1150********************Tour Completed
11Rob Herrmann - AAL985                     
12Anderius Jackson - AAL700**                   
13Jarid Larson JFK HM - FVN6***                  
14Chris Donovan - BAW1274*                    
15Charles Rowden Sr - AAL808********************Tour Completed
16Adriano Noleto - DAL1298                     
17Sam Ryan YSSY HM - AAL18**                   
18Wayne Foster - DAE1218                     
19Nick Aitken EA - UAL9********************Tour Completed
20Daryl Hudnall - AAL1228****                 
21Dylan Williams - FVN767********************Tour Completed
22Bob Kampmann SBGL HM - ASA20********************Tour Completed
23Jared Logan EGLL HM - FVN12*                    
24Austrico Ramirez - ACA46****                 
25Will Thomas - AAL1356****                 
26Scott Clifford - DRK772********************Tour Completed
27Cameron Paras - VIR1042                     
28Roy Rodriguez, Jr. - ANA1102*****                
29Ken Shauntz - CAO800********************Tour Completed
30Simon Kinderman - AAL1229                     
31David Woods - AEA1411                     
32Lee Wiggins - AFR592********************Tour Completed
33Patrick Kimbler - AAL1367                     
34Mark McCullough - CES611********************Tour Completed
35Donald Gessells - ASA1219                     
36Aalap Shah - UAE1290*                    
37Patrick Poole - UAL633*                    
38Pete Werking MIA HM - AAL11                     
39Peejay Hou - CES629                     
40Ryan Ripley EBM - FVN44*                    
41Mark Cable - BEE1424********************Tour Completed
42Kevin Richter - DLH329********************Tour Completed
43Patrick Uttrich - DLH330********************Tour Completed
44Phillip Prendergast - AAL1482*                    
45Tianyu Liu - KLM1532********************Tour Completed
46Liam Herkes - BAW1483                     
47Rizk Nasr - AAL1363                     
48Dan Cast - DAL640*                    
49Christopher Moyer - DAL1612*****                
50Mark Dawson - BAW437***                  
51Ryan Shvetzov - SWA1449********************Tour Completed
52Jake Masters - CLX1744*****                
53Caleb Whorton - BAW1752*                    
54Brendan Coyle - FDX1733**                   
55Quan Van - AAL1764*                    
56Connor Vargas - AAL1787**                   
57Joseph Miracle - AAL1351                     
58Graesen Wood - UAE1848*****                
59David Henderson - NWA1863*****                
60Bob Adams - AAL1504                     
61Dean Cooper - AAL1737********************Tour Completed
62Roch Jutras - FVN1895********************Tour Completed
63Jakob Philippe - DAL1994*                    
64Andrew Ingram - BAW1842                     
65Ab Korpel - KLM2022**                   
66Hailey Hedland - QFA843*                    
67Mark Di Domenico - VVR2013*                    
68Jim Robinson - AAL1604****                 
69Steven Morton - CLX2024*********