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Props Over Hawaii

Status: Active
Description: Fly Virtual Is Going On A Working Vacation! Join Us As We Charter Around The Hawaiian Islands. Our Hawaiian charter tour is a combination of two different member suggestions and is pointed at covering the islands and flying the TBM850. Fly any propeller aircraft that seats 21 or less passengers. We’ll fly into 14 airports with a variety of runways and approaches. For more information download the Tour Flyer. Links found on the main page Notices Block or in the Pilots Center, Downloads. See you on the beach – Don’t forget your surf board! This tour will close on 1 March 2019
Props Over Hawaii

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Honolulu International Airport (PHNL)Lihue Airport (PHLI)PRCHI01TBM888 nm
2Lihue Airport (PHLI)Lāna‘i Airport (PHNY)PRCHI02TBM8152 nm
3Lāna‘i Airport (PHNY)Waimea Kohala Airport (PHMU)PRCHI03TBM886 nm
4Waimea Kohala Airport (PHMU)Hana Airport (PHHN)PRCHI04TBM852 nm
5Hana Airport (PHHN)Dillingham Airfield (PHDH)PRCHI05TBM8131 nm
6Dillingham Airfield (PHDH)Kapalua Airport (PHJH)PRCHI06TBM893 nm
7Kapalua Airport (PHJH)Hilo International Airport (PHTO)PRCHI07TBM8118 nm
8Hilo International Airport (PHTO)Kalaeloa Airport (PHJR)PCSHI08TBM8195 nm
9Kalaeloa Airport (PHJR)Kahului Airport (PHOG)PCSHI09TBM895 nm
10Kahului Airport (PHOG)Moloka‘i Airport (PHMK)PCSHI10TBM840 nm
11Moloka‘i Airport (PHMK)Upolu Airport (PHUP)PCSHI11TBM888 nm
12Upolu Airport (PHUP)Kona International Airport (PHKO)PCSHI12TBM833 nm
13Kona International Airport (PHKO)Port Allen Airport (PHPA)PCSHI13TBM8238 nm
14Port Allen Airport (PHPA)Honolulu International Airport (PHNL)PCSHI14TBM8100 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1511 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: PHNLLeg: 1 To: PHLILeg: 2 To: PHNYLeg: 3 To: PHMULeg: 4 To: PHHNLeg: 5 To: PHDHLeg: 6 To: PHJHLeg: 7 To: PHTOLeg: 8 To: PHJRLeg: 9 To: PHOGLeg: 10 To: PHMKLeg: 11 To: PHUPLeg: 12 To: PHKOLeg: 13 To: PHPALeg: 14 To: PHNLComplete
1Mark McCullough - CES611**************Tour Completed
2Randy Dettmer COO - FVN2**************Tour Completed
3Patrick Uttrich - DLH330**************Tour Completed
4Anson Cadogan EA - FVN51*****          
5Cameron Paras - VIR1042****           
6David Midgley - BAW560**************Tour Completed
7Danny Evans KLAX HM - FDX16**************Tour Completed
8Jared Logan EGLL HM - FVN12***            
9Kory Puderbaugh ATL HM - FVN14**************Tour Completed
10Franklyn Suliveres FA - FVN15*              
11Wayne Chastain - DAL114**************Tour Completed
12Jarid Larson JFK HM - FVN6***            
13Jose Alvelos - WZZ932**************Tour Completed
14Ryan Ripley EDDF HM - FVN13*              
15Paul Arthurton - TOM1035**             
16Frank Marafiote - ASA1116**************Tour Completed
17Andrew Sterling - AAL171***            
18Oscar Vazquez - QFA794**************Tour Completed
19Patrick Poole - UAL633**             
20Pete Werking MIA HM - AAL11**************Tour Completed
21Anderius Jackson - AAL700               
22Lee Wiggins - AFR592**************Tour Completed
23Jerrod Campbell - SWA1013*****          
24Dylan Williams - FVN767*****          
25Richard Zacharias - UAL563**************Tour Completed
26Nick Aitken EA - UAL9**************Tour Completed
27Brian Pruitt - AAL1134**************Tour Completed
28Charles Rowden Sr - AAL808**************Tour Completed
29Amon Schneider - DAL414**************Tour Completed
30Rick Stratman - AAL580**************Tour Completed
31Roy Rodriguez, Jr. - ANA1102**************Tour Completed
32Aaron Dagan - DAL1058**************Tour Completed
33Samuel Lemberger - SWA1150**************Tour Completed
34Jordan Wilson - DAL257               
35Adrian Ramirez - AMX650**************Tour Completed
36Rennie Jaramillo - FVN443**************Tour Completed
37Mike McPherson - ACA830***********    
38Kevin Richter - DLH329**************Tour Completed
39Phil Marcus - BAW1197******         
40James Sealey - SCC761**************Tour Completed
41Mike Hill - ABX816**************Tour Completed
42Daryl Hudnall - AAL1228**************Tour Completed
43Phillip Durrant - EZY1251******         
44Jan Birkner - AAL1206               
45Ken Shauntz - CAO800**************Tour Completed
46Shaun Button - FVN1330               
47Wayne Wortley - AAL915*              
48Patrick Kimbler - AAL1367**************Tour Completed
49Bryan Sutherland - BEE1371**************Tour Completed
50Austrico Ramirez VHHH HM - ACA19**************Tour Completed
51Scott Clifford - DRK772**************Tour Completed
52Travis Youssef - SWA1311******         
53José Henriques - TAP1357**************Tour Completed
54Jim Donne - RYR1334**************Tour Completed
55Paul Rollman - UAL1432**************Tour Completed
56James Cadwell - FVN1446******         
57Donald Gessells - ASA1219**************Tour Completed
58Rizk Nasr - AAL1363**************Tour Completed
59Zak Danielson - SCX1406**************Tour Completed
60Bob Kampmann EGLL AHM - ASA20**************Tour Completed
61Jeff Hendershot - DAL1498*              
62Joe Mollok - DAL134****           
63Jeroen Bos - EIN1513**************Tour Completed
64Matthew Jaeger - UAL1227**************Tour Completed
65Kerry Hendrickson - AAL1514***            
66Sam Ryan YSSY HM - AAL18**************Tour Completed
67Geoff Hampton - BOE1352               
68Stu Limont - BEE1019***            
69Jacob Little - FVN1323****           
70Tianyu Liu - KLM1532****           
71Bob Cardone - DAL1526               
72Brian Elwood - TSC775**************Tour Completed
73Janek Sitsmann - SAS1447**************Tour Completed
74Johnny Pennason - DAL1511*****          
75James Stubbs - UAL1491**************Tour Completed
76Daniel Talisveiber - ELY1440               
77Marcos Lobo - LAN1624*              
78Fabian Haueter - SWR1613               
79Jarmo Torvikoski - FIN1641************   
80Jim Keil - FVN466*****          
81Michael Mosher - UAL1583**************Tour Completed
82Leo Ward - ACA1661*              
83George Pap - AEE1673               
84Ryan Shvetzov - SWA1449****           
85Brian Parker - AAY1680****           
86Demi Fonseca - EJA1703*              
87Diogo Monteiro - UAE1467****           
88Fabien Maurin - AFR1713**************Tour Completed
89Federico Penta - UAE1712*              
90John Navara - EIN626**************Tour Completed
91Jake Masters - CLX1744**************Tour Completed
92William Dolezal - LOF1524               
93Kenneth Cheang - SIA1792**************Tour Completed
94Angelo Corredino - DAL1777               
95Bob Adams - AAL1504*******        
96Connor Vargas - AAL1787               
97Richard Little - BAW1847               
98Graesen Wood - UAE1848**************Tour Completed
99Christopher Oakes - DAL1858**********     
100Robert Thomas - SKW1865