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2017 Vueling EU Tour

Status: Active
Description: FlyVirtual European Tour 2017 Vueling Style. Join us as we visit some of Europe’s top destinations following Vueling Airlines spring and early summer routes. The preferred aircraft is the Airbus A320, flagship of Vueling Airlines. For full details please download the Tour Flyer located in the Pilot’s Center or by clicking the Vueling Tour Flyer link in the Pilot Notices Block on the Main page – or check the forums. Make sure to sign in and click details and then sign up to register. (Your name should appear in the participants list below) Please find the legs by searching the departing/arriving ICAO codes in SmartCars and make sure to choose the correct flight for each leg when you load up. Example VLGET1702 is the first leg. Although the preferred aircraft is the A320, but you can change the aircraft to whatever you want using the drop down in smartCars just before you click start flight. This tour will close on 1 July 2017. Special Thanks to IBE 506, Diego Varela Rodriguez for providing the tour concept and all schedules/materials!
2017 Vueling EU Tour

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Barcelona Airport (LEBL)Bilbao Airport (LEBB)VLGET1701A320252 nm
2Bilbao Airport (LEBB)Airport Milan Malpensa (LIMC)VLGET1702A320517 nm
3Airport Milan Malpensa (LIMC)Gran Canaria Airport (GCLP)VLGET1703A3201562 nm
4Gran Canaria Airport (GCLP)Nantes Atlantique Airport (LFRS)VLGET1704A3201324 nm
5Nantes Atlantique Airport (LFRS)Palma de Mallorca / Son San Juan (LEPA)VLGET1705A320495 nm
6Palma de Mallorca / Son San Juan (LEPA)Munich International Airport (EDDM)VLGET1706A320657 nm
7Munich International Airport (EDDM)Fiumicino International Airport (LIRF)VLGET1707A320395 nm
8Fiumicino International Airport (LIRF)Santorini (LGSR)VLGET1708A320695 nm
9Santorini (LGSR)Florence Peretola Airport (LIRQ)VLGET1709A320791 nm
10Florence Peretola Airport (LIRQ)Paris Orly Airport (LFPO)VLGET1710A320470 nm
11Paris Orly Airport (LFPO)Birmingham / Airport (EGBB)VLGET1711A320274 nm
12Birmingham / Airport (EGBB)Málaga Airport (LEMG)VLGET1712A320956 nm
13Málaga Airport (LEMG)Bruxelles National (EBBR)VLGET1713A320938 nm
14Bruxelles National (EBBR)Aeropuerto Internacional de Alicante - El Altet (LEAL)VLGET1714A320788 nm
15Aeropuerto Internacional de Alicante - El Altet (LEAL)Manchester Airport (EGCC)VLGET1715A320909 nm
16Manchester Airport (EGCC)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM)VLGET1716A320263 nm
17Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM)Lisboa / Portela (LPPT)VLGET1717A320998 nm
18Lisboa / Portela (LPPT)Zurich airport (LSZH)VLGET1718A320932 nm
19Zurich airport (LSZH)Lanzarote Airport (GCRR)VLGET1719A3201517 nm
20Lanzarote Airport (GCRR)Barcelona Airport (LEBL)VLGET1720A3201067 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 15800 nm

Pilot's Progress

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START: LEBLLeg: 1 To: LEBBLeg: 2 To: LIMCLeg: 3 To: GCLPLeg: 4 To: LFRSLeg: 5 To: LEPALeg: 6 To: EDDMLeg: 7 To: LIRFLeg: 8 To: LGSRLeg: 9 To: LIRQLeg: 10 To: LFPOLeg: 11 To: EGBBLeg: 12 To: LEMGLeg: 13 To: EBBRLeg: 14 To: LEALLeg: 15 To: EGCCLeg: 16 To: EHAMLeg: 17 To: LPPTLeg: 18 To: LSZHLeg: 19 To: GCRRLeg: 20 To: LEBLComplete
1Franklyn Suliveres FA - FVN15***                  
2Diego Varela Rodriguez - IBE506********************Tour Completed
3Richard Hirsch - JBU534*********            
4Wayne Chastain - DAL114********************Tour Completed
5Jared Logan EGLL HM - FVN12******               
6Garo Soghomonian - GSS931********************Tour Completed
7Anson Cadogan EA - FVN50********************Tour Completed
8Roy Newcomer - ASA299********************Tour Completed
9Ryan Ripley EDDF HM - FVN13*                    
10Benjamin Kidsom - AAL589                     
11Chris Longo HRO - AAL4********************Tour Completed
12Anderius Jackson - AAL700*                    
13Felipe Genta - AZU145                     
14David Izzi - AZA877                     
15JOSE ALVELOS - WZZ932********************Tour Completed
16Axel Trux - UAE917**********           
17Nick Aitken EA - UAL9********************Tour Completed
18Jordan Wilson - DAL257**                   
19Randy Dettmer COO - FVN2********************Tour Completed
20Richard Zacharias - UAL563**************       
21Dylan Williams - FVN767********************Tour Completed
22Randy Donnelly - FDX940********************Tour Completed
23Paul Birch - QLK593***                  
24Brian Elwood - TSC775************         
25Amon Schneider - DAL414                     
26Olavur Brekku - ICE791***********          
27Benjamin LOUIS - AFR789********************Tour Completed
28Salman Bari - BAW704                     
29Rui Zarro - TAP216*******              
30W. De Graaf - KLM669********************Tour Completed
31Chris Valencia - DAL131*                    
32Jarid Larson JFK HM - FVN6***                  
33Matthew Dorrell - BAW318***                  
34Asier Sangüesa - IBE966                     
35Pete Werking MIA HM - AAL11********************Tour Completed
36Adrian Ramirez - AMX650********************Tour Completed
37Oscar Vazquez - QFA794********************Tour Completed
38Jordy Hellebaut - BEL976**                   
39Ken Shauntz - CAO800********************Tour Completed
40Sam Ryan - AAL620                     
41Scott Clifford - DRK772********************Tour Completed
42Kiran Singh Birk - BAW488********************Tour Completed
43Tyler Thayer - UAL399                     
44Mark McCullough - CES611*****************    
45Gerard Lap - KLM1007***                  
46David Midgley - BAW560********************Tour Completed
47Patrick Uttrich - DLH330******************   
48Mark Dawson - BAW437********************Tour Completed
49Stu Limont - BEE1019*                    
50Kevin Richter - DLH329***************      
51Andrew Sterling - AAL171*******************  
52Paul Arthurton - TOM1035***                  
53Ralf Maylin - AAL853********************Tour Completed
54Marco Sevas - DLH1059                     
55Timber Over - UAL921*                    
56Jeremy Cheever - AAY882