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Pilot's Progress

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1Zak Reichenbach CEO - FVN1******************** 
2Randy Dettmer COO - FVN2******************** 
3Jordan Wilson - DAL257**************       
4Richard Zacharias - UAL563******************** 
5Chris Longo HRO - AAL4******************** 
6Andrew Sterling - AAL171*******************  
7Wayne Chastain - DAL114******************** 
8Ryan Ripley EDDF HM - FVN13****************     
9Jarid Larson JFK HM - FVN6******************** 
10Rennie Jaramillo - FVN443*****                
11Patrick Poole - UAL633******************** 
12David Midgley - BAW560******************** 
13Eric Smith - ACA613******************** 
14Anson Cadogan EA - FVN51******************** 
15Tim Bergt - AAL345***********          
16Franklyn Suliveres FA - FVN15**                   
17Paul Birch - QLK593******************** 
18Timothy Hucksoll EA - FVN5***                  
19Benjamin Kidsom - AAL589**********           
20Antony Dayal - ANZ320********             
21Kevin Richter - DLH329******************** 
22Patrick Uttrich - DLH330******************** 
23Pete Werking MIA HM - AAL11******************** 
24Rui Zarro - TAP216********             
25Roy Newcomer - ASA299******************** 
26Will Barker SBGL HM - MPH8*                    
27David Kurth - EZY707                    Tour Completed
28Mike Giaurakis - BAW398                    Tour Completed
29Anderius Jackson - AAL700*                    
30Scott Clifford - DRK772******************** 
31Olavur Brekku - ICE791***                  
32Eric Lilly - SWA797*****                
33Donald Alexander - BAW827                    Tour Completed
34Fabiano Macedo - DAE848*******              
35Diego Varela Rodriguez OMDB HM - IBE17******************** 
36David Izzi - AZA877*****                
37Chris Valencia - DAL131******************** 
38Jose Alvelos - WZZ932******************** 
39Dylan Williams - FVN767                    Tour Completed
40Danny Evans KLAX HM - FDX16******************** 
41Kiran Singh Birk - BAW488******************** 
42Ken Shauntz - CAO800******************** 
43Kory Puderbaugh ATL HM - FVN14******************** 
44Mark McCullough - CES611**********           
45Cameron Paras - VIR1042                    Tour Completed
46Samuel Lemberger - SWA1150******************** 
47Peter Rindlisbacher - SWR1177******************** 
48Roy Rodriguez, Jr. - ANA1102******************** 
49Geoff Hampton - BOE1352                    Tour Completed
50Rob Herrmann - AAL985                    Tour Completed
51José Henriques - TAP1357******************** 
52Jan Birkner - AAL1206*****