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Flight AFR8613
  • Submitted By: Jared Logan EGLL HM
  • Departure Airport: Montreal / Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Que (CYUL)
  • Arrival Airport: Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle (LFPG)
  • Aircraft: B772LR (B77L)
  • Flight Time: 6.26
  • Date Submitted: 08/15/2017
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(232 load / $ 300.00 per unit
$ 69, 600.00
Fuel Cost:
(0 fuel used @ 5.1 / unit)
$ 0.00


Commenter Comment
Jared Logan EGLL HM smartCARS version, 2017-8-15 UTC-4\r\n[12:25:10 PM] Preflight started, flying on VATSIM\r\n[12:25:10 PM] Flying PMDG 777-228/LR Air France F-GSPZ\r\n[12:25:11 PM] Engine 1 is on\r\n[12:25:11 PM] Engine 2 is on\r\n[12:25:13 PM] Flaps set to position 2\r\n[12:25:19 PM] Flaps set to position 3\r\n[12:26:09 PM] Pushing back with 144333 lb of fuel\r\n[12:26:12 PM] Taxiing to runway\r\n[12:26:26 PM] Taking off\r\n[12:26:45 PM] Climbing, pitch: 11, roll: level, 171 kts\r\n[12:26:46 PM] Gear lever raised at 27 ft at 163 kts\r\n[12:26:46 PM] Gear lever lowered at 29 ft at 164 kts\r\n[12:26:47 PM] Gear lever raised at 41 ft at 168 kts\r\n[12:27:08 PM] Flaps set to position 2 at 1393 ft at 206 kts\r\n[12:27:45 PM] Flaps set to position 1 at 3015 ft at 231 kts\r\n[12:28:08 PM] Flaps set to position 0 at 3785 ft at 245 kts\r\n[11:49:15 PM] Descending\r\n[12:00:28 AM] Sim paused\r\n[09:39:09 AM] Sim unpaused\r\n[09:43:36 AM] Exceeded 250 KIAS below 10,000 feet MSL\r\n[09:43:43 AM] Speed corrected at 9733 ft after a max speed of 258 kts\r\n[09:45:28 AM] Flaps set to position 1 at 5790 ft at 235 kts\r\n[09:46:00 AM] Approaching\r\n[09:49:38 AM] Flaps set to position 2 at 3595 ft at 217 kts\r\n[09:49:47 AM] Flaps set to position 3 at 3360 ft at 211 kts\r\n[09:51:33 AM] Final approach, 180 kts\r\n[09:51:36 AM] Flaps set to position 4 at 2204 ft at 174 kts\r\n[09:51:37 AM] Gear lever lowered at 2191 ft at 175 kts\r\n[09:51:47 AM] Flaps set to position 5 at 2130 ft at 184 kts\r\n[09:52:02 AM] Flaps set to position 6 at 2033 ft at 175 kts\r\n[09:54:08 AM] Sim paused\r\n[05:32:04 PM] Sim unpaused\r\n[05:33:10 PM] Touched down at -221 fpm, gear lever: down, pitch: 3, roll: level, 132 kts\r\n[05:33:42 PM] Landed in 4801 ft, fuel: 47857 lb, weight: 455866 lb\r\n[05:33:42 PM] Taxiing to gate\r\n[05:33:45 PM] The flight may now be ended\r\n[05:33:45 PM] Taxi time was less than 15 seconds\r\n[05:33:45 PM] Arrived, flight duration: 06:26
Jared Logan EGLL HM Internet problems, reset computer before i could file, saved smarCars before restart
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