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Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft Distance Times Flown Added By
DRKC96786 VQTY VQGP Airbus A319 61 nm 0 Randy Dettmer COO (FVN2) on 12/13/2017
SIAC317 EGLL WSSS Boeing 777-200LR 5883 nm 0 Anastasia Petrova (QFA843) on 12/13/2017
FVNC41 LTFJ LGIR Boeing 737-800 387 nm 0 Leo De Haan (KLM1269) on 12/13/2017
DALCAI020P KDFW KPDX Boeing 747-400 All Variants 1404 nm 0 Jerry Robinson - Military Ops (AIO20) on 12/14/2017