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Author Topic: Website Charter System (Read 115 times)
Randy Dettmer COO
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Posted at: 30-11-2017 03:08:13 pm

Take a few minutes to check out the improvements made to our Charter System on the website.  It can now add charters using any airline in our system and you can choose your own flight numbers.  When you fly these charters you will see them as the chartered airline on the flight board.  See below:

Please note that a ā€œCā€ will be added to the flight number so we can track the charters.  Airline/flight number cannot be duplicated.

Another nice feature of the charter system is it has access to airport information for over 42,000 airports and in most cases it will load missing airport into our system automatically.

When you are done charting on the website, close and reopen SmartCars (if it was open) and you will find your charters waiting for you in the flights tab.

Charters will be deleted from the system after a month or two so its best to charter and fly within 30 days.

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