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Author Topic: FS2004/FS9 Users (Read 98 times)
Nick Aitken EA
Senior Executive Captain

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Posted at: 30-05-2018 04:49:02 pm

Hello all, I continue and will for the seeable future be using FS9. I have everything set as I like. Only thing I'd like more is more AI Traffic than what I have now.

Scott Clifford
Executive Captain
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Posted at: 25-06-2018 02:48:38 pm

United Traffic Team (www.unitedtrafficteam.com) has a wealth of airline schedules, repaints and AI models. Most of their schedules are frequently updated (most of mine are as recent as winter 2017) Check it out. All the major hubs are packed with planes.

Scott Clifford - DRK772

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