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Author Topic: FS2004/FS9 Users (Read 11 times)
Randy Dettmer COO
Senior Executive Captain

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Posted at: 02-06-2017 12:12:51 pm

We have several pilots that use FS2004/FS9.  This is a place to list your pilot number so that other can find/contact each other for information on the sim.  Please reply to this topic with your Pilot ID number if you are still using this sim or have significant experience with it and wish to help others when needed.

Feel free to start threads here as needed for help, support, info 

Will Barker
Executive Captain
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Posted at: 21-06-2017 03:40:22 am

Well, FS9 is really all I know. I currently refuse to switch to FSX or P3D. I do have both and I use them sometimes for GA flying. However, since all my paywares are FS9 I am holding out for as long as possible. I have a PC that can run P3D and FSX quite well, so you can only imagine the performance I get on FS9. I have over 10 years of exprience with FS9. I also specialize in the Fly The Maddog MD82, Ifly 737NG, Level D 767 PMDG MD-11 and the QW 757.


Feel free to email me with any such questions. williamgbarker1993@gmail.com

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