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Author Topic: 64 Bit Sim (Read 189 times)

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Posted at: 02-10-2017 12:48:59 pm

It is believed in some circles that blood tests were performed on the downed crew at Roswell New Mexico. Lab staff were shocked to find pure Moonshine in every test tube. In fact one of the Lab Technicians involved could not resist a quick swig. He went on to invent Virtual Flying soon after and died many years later with a smile on his face.

Randy Dettmer COO
Senior Executive Captain
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Posted at: 02-10-2017 02:02:34 pm

Yes the 64 bit sims are arriving..or...  is that just what the aliens are plugging into the mind control device to make us think that??

Darryl Roach
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Posted at: 04-11-2018 09:36:53 am

X-Plane 11 is 64 bit as well...

Actually, I popped in here to see if there was any discussion on upgrading to 64-bit sims. I have been really considering it as of recent, and have been doing my research and getting input from friends, etc. I currently run P3dv3.whatever and am very impressed with what they have done by taking the carcass of FSX and re-animating it into one hell of a monster (and still keeping it back end user friendly to add aircraft, scenery, etc). But my machine craves more. It doesn't even struggle with v3. It NEEDS 64-bit action. And I'm ready for the next generation of flight simulation - regardless of the aliens!

I have to say, I feel like I am betraying a long standing relationship, but I am currently heavily leaning towards (and in fact may be days or less from purchasing) X-Plane 11. I have tried the demo. I have talked to friends. I have watched countless videos with and without add-ons and/or sim comparisons. Overall, I do believe it is more realistic, and a better package as a stand-alone offering.

I could go on and on with reasons why, but that's all for me to know and you to decide on your own. But what it boils down to for me is the availablity of freeware addons. They have an extremely active development community that is putting out some high quality freeware stuff. That's good for someone like me that sims on a budget and also doesn't really go for for payware offerings. The community at X-Plane is extremely reminicient of the golden age of FS2004 & FSX, before Aces was killed. There was so much active development around the community, and that's really what kept FSX alive 10+ years beyond Aces being shut down. But with P3d, there just isn't the availablity of things there. You either use ancient FSX stuff and hope it works sort of, or you pay outrageous amounts (2x+ the cost of the sim??? No thanks!) for payware addons. The freeware development on P3d is virtually non-existent. That's not to say the 64-bit availability and VR capability won't revive it some, but I just don't see it getting back to the way it was with FSX, and the way it IS with X-Plane. I believe it's all because of how P3d is licensed, too, and also because after Aces died a lot of those same developers made the switch. So on that reason above all the other pros and cons I have come up with, that is what is about to sell me on X-Plane. It will be a learning curve, but I'm sure I will adjust fine. Does anyone here see it another way?

Also, X-Plane includes some really decent airliners in their default aircraft, WITH an FMS. P3d = no airliners, and GPS only without an add-on.

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