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Author Topic: 64 Bit Sim (Read 134 times)
Bill Bob Testpilot

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Posted at: 23-01-2017 10:51:56 pm

High-level sources at Simi-Leaks have disclosed that the government is secretly hampering the development and release of a 64-bit simulator that would change the face flight simulation forever.  While X Plane has made some advances in this arena they are considered rogue and still have a ways to go.

Timothy Hucksoll EA
Senior Captain

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Posted at: 24-01-2017 12:50:35 am

I guess we shall see. 

Bill Bob Testpilot

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Posted at: 08-03-2017 06:18:33 pm

Dovetail members were abducted by creatures while trying to obtain alien flight sim software.

David Congram
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Posted at: 17-06-2017 02:49:11 pm

Prepar3d V4 is now 64 bit ..........


Better to keep mouth shut, and have people think you're a fool - than open it and remove all doubt


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Posted at: 21-06-2017 03:42:00 am

I am actually the CEO of fly virtual. But they just don't want you to know. hehe




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