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Author Topic: CTD while flying on the Network (Read 4 times)
Will Barker SBGL HM
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Posted at: 28-08-2018 12:16:42 am

;">The title says it all. Starting yesterday my sim was crashing to the desktop. I looked in the log and it was due to the MSVCR80.DLL file. However, after some troubleshooting I found it would not happen when connected to the IVAO network/having the interface up and running. I'm on Fs9. Much help would be appreciated. This is clearly an issue with IVAO not FS. 
;" />
;" />;">*I should also mentioned I reinstalled FS9 and the error still occured. So again, I know it's not FS9 because I was able to do an entire 6 hours flight when not using IVAP.

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