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Author Topic: Sound Pack Problem (Read 41 times)
Frank Marafiote
Fleet Captain
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Posted at: 07-03-2018 04:09:42 pm

I've downloaded and have been using several soundpacks. They are terrific and add a great deal to the realism of my flights.

The other day I downloaded and tried to install the Delts sounspack. I used the same procedure that successfuly installed the other soundpacks. However, the Delta folder was empty, i.e. there was no exe file to execute the installation. I tried at least a half dozen times and nothing changed.

Has anyone else had that problem with Delta? If the rar file is ok, any suggestions about things I should do differently?

Frank Marafiote (aka "SkyMaine)

Randy Dettmer COO
Senior Executive Captain
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Posted at: 07-03-2018 06:04:48 pm



I think your virus scanner is removing them..  I just tested and all worked fine.  Will pass your kind words on the packs to Diego.  Hes really put a lot of work into them.

Diego Varela Rodriguez EDDF HM
Executive Captain
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Posted at: 15-04-2018 06:25:53 pm

Hi Frank,
Just saw your notice. (I am not an active Forum user, will be from today on wink )
I just tested the Delta Soundpack download, no problems on my side. (i use Firefox, what browser do you use?)
Can you inform me if your issue still persists? If yes, can you inform in detail where it is "empty?"
The download is about 97mb big, once unpacked it is about the same size. Does the installer open up normally? Do you see the install progress copying the files to the harddisk?
A screenshot would be of help, too. Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Diego Varela Rodriguez


Julien Goursat

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Posted at: 05-07-2018 05:23:24 am


I download it nor directly on smart acars and it works, for example i put it on my music.

Hope it will help you


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