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Author Topic: New X-Plane A319 and A320 (Read 16 times)
Ralf Maylin
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Posted at: 06-03-2018 05:32:50 am

For those X-Planers out there, we have two new payware planes, the Toliss A319 and the Flight Factor A320. I love Airbus flying so I purchased both. On the first view, the Toliss is the better one. "Feels" perfect while hand flying. System simulation is deep enough to allow regular day to day Airbus flying. Is very stable, I use it with Skymaxx/Gizmo, a combination that likes to crash many payware aircraft. The FF has a more detailed MCDU, it still is A FF plane like the 777 and 757 before, heavier on fps and ground service vehicles that look like Siberia in the 80's. Crashed 2 times while setting up the MCDU.





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