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Author Topic: Can you use the SPIM scenery? (Read 20 times)
Mark Cable
Fleet Captain

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Posted at: 04-03-2018 06:20:45 am



I have the LatiVFR Lima hub (SPIM) scenery, can I use this and do I have to file a manual PIREP to complete this leg?


regards, Mark

Last updated by Mark Cable on 04-03-2018 06:21:05 am (spelling).

Randy Dettmer COO
Senior Executive Captain
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Posted at: 04-03-2018 02:14:44 pm


The SPIM scenery should work fine.  The airport is still in the same place just they changed the ICAO code.  So when you load up in the sim you load at SPIM.  But for up-to-date schduling/routing and AIRACs you have to use the new code.

Diego Varela Rodriguez EDDF HM
Executive Captain
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Posted at: 15-04-2018 06:37:58 pm

Hi Mark,
Maybe late, but what i did, i opened the afcad, and changed the ICAO code to SPJC in the Properties, then saved it again. Should work also for other sceneries...


Kind Regards,

Diego Varela Rodriguez


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