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Author Topic: FLIGHT SIM AIR ATTACK TRAINING (Read 11 times)
Jerry Robinson - Military Ops
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Posted at: 28-01-2018 04:14:50 pm

Hello Gentelmen, training will commence for air attack fire on Feb the 17th. Before I start with the training I will need to know who if anyone has an interest in this. you will need to contact me by email at jerry.robinson@flyvirtual.net before the 17th to let me know you have an interest.  I will need your name, pilot ID and email address. You can go to the link below to view the program for this. you will need to buy this and put on your sim.  This works with both FSX and P3D.  Robert Brown JAL 573 is also an instructor for this training. He can be contacted at wickedprairies@hotmail.com.


Jerry"Rain Man" Robinson

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