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Posted at: 03-01-2018 05:16:26 pm

I am thinking about buying ORBX scenery.. I guess I need the Global first and then the North American.. and go from there if I like it..  I run P3D v 3... Has anyone here experienced any performance drops or major issues with this scenery ? I am not a huge scenery guy so I can live without it if it causes problems.. Thanks for any input.. 

Randy Dettmer COO
Senior Executive Captain
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Posted at: 04-01-2018 01:06:15 pm


Installing FTX Global Base is most likely the best single think you can do to enhance the look of your terrain.  It really replaces the default textures with improved and optimized textures.  Some report in the forums that Global base actually made the sim run better.  I have not had performance issues with Global base on its own.

I don’t recommend Global Vector as it makes for lots of problems and cut deep into VAS.

From the base pack, any scenery you add will have some impact on performance.  I find the land classes are not too bad on their own - very livable.

That said, it all about compromise with sliders when you start adding to the sim and finding where its going to run the best takes some testing.

Hop that helps

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Posted at: 04-01-2018 05:23:13 pm

Thanks for the info Randy.. I think I will give the Global Base a shot this weekend.. 

Bob Adams
Fleet Captain

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Posted at: 10-10-2018 07:46:03 pm

I have used FTX Global Base  for many years with no problems...After a long route or after several flights I do the following...

I do the following steps....Local disk (Csmiley /ProgramData/Microsoft/FSX/SceneryIndexes/

You will see a list of files "Filelist00001 through Filelist00130   left click on filelist0001 then move cursor to last file Filelist00130

Do Ctrl-Shift to highlight all files - right click "Delete Multiple Items" box opens...Are you sure you want to move these 130 items to the Recycle Bin? click on "YES" 

I was told by a PMDG engineer that doing this takes care of major memory problems....

Next step...click back to your Local Disk Use Users/computer name/AppData/Local/Microsoft/FSX/Shaders10/ShadersHLSL/misc/ 

delete files in this folder....

Last updated by Bob Adams on 10-10-2018 07:49:19 pm (spelling).

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