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Author Topic: 19 Dec 2018 ZSE Event (Read 15 times)
Randy Dettmer COO
Senior Executive Captain
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Posted at: 13-12-2017 02:59:49 pm

Come one, come all!

Come join ZSE as we light up various satellite TRACON's around the airspace. Dust off your old Cessna, or fly in your favorite airliner. Be prepared for hours of endless airport hopping!

Featured fields include Seattle, Portland, Tri-Cities, Spokane, Yakima, and Klamath Falls. 

Join us December 19th, from 2359z to 0400z...See you there!

Please feel free to write with any questions.


Austin Wilkins

Event Coordinator prospect

VATUSA Seattle Air Route Traffic Control Center

C1, Mentor



Austin Wilkins
Mentor and C1 at VATUSA Seattle ARTCC


906-869-4239  austin@zseartcc.org 



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