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Pilots: 626
Total Aircraft: 218
Hours Flown: 202436:32:54
Flights Flown: 56915
Miles Flown: 83025441 nm
Fuel Burned: 3406443007 lbs
Total Routes: 52572
Pilots in Flight: 16
Total Flights Today: 20
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PID Pilot Country
KLM1682 Thomas Thompson Canada
BEE1681 Noam Belder Israel
AAY1680 Brian Parker United States
DAL1679 Justin Lee United States
UAL1678 Josh Woodruff United States
Recent Award Issues
PID Pilot Award
AFR1636 Jacques A 50 Hour Award
DAL615 Nathan K 250 Flight Award
AAS1427 Jonathan R Official Trainee Award
AAS1427 Jonathan R Greased -100
AAS1427 Jonathan R Greased -200
BWA1484 Dikembe W Official Trainee Award
SCC1676 Drew W Official Trainee Award
SCC1676 Drew W Greased -200
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QFA1671 Tapash K
AAL1121 Sid Dasilva
AAL11 Pete Werking MIA HM
KLM1682 Thomas Thompson
ASA1142 Robert Kampmann

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Welcome To Fly Virtual
Welcome to Fly Virtual!  Let us take care of all your virtual aviation needs and keep it all in one log book.
We’re not just another virtual airline.
We are a comprehensive virtual aviation network supporting flight simulation enthusiasts around the world.  Fly Virtual allows pilots maximum flexibility to fly everything from realistic air carrier routes, to pattern work in a C172, to bush flying Alaska or the Congo.  Military missions and aircraft are also an option.
There is no testing or hour requirements, letting you pick any aircraft you want to fly.  Pick any route and if it’s not in the system, just create your own flight in smartCARS 2 or in our comprehensive charter system. 
Fly Virtual is an easy going organization. Our pilots come first and we keep it simple.  Our rules fit into two pages. 
Still have questions? Come visit us on TeamSpeak at ts3.flyvirtual.net or email us at staff@flyvirtual.net
You can also find us on Facebook   
Latest News
Aerosoft DC-8 Giveaway Winner

We have a winner for the DC-8 give away!

KLM1532 Tianyu Liu, will be flying home the new Aerosoft DC-8 along with 2 livery packs.

Congrats Tianyu!

Posted by Randy Dettmer COO on 04/26/2018
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Airline Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/ETA
Recent Arrivals
Airline Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Submit Date Landing Status
FVN9260 Danny Evans KLAX HM B722 KCIC KACV 06/25/2018 -290 fpm Enroute
AAL1061 Tapash K B738 KMIA KMCO 06/25/2018 -263 fpm Enroute
FVN65588 Benjamin Louis B788 GBYD HESH 06/25/2018 -236 fpm Enroute
WJA251 Daniel Talisveiber B736 CYYC CYEG 06/25/2018 -219 fpm Enroute
QXECA0624 Heron Domingues Jr BE20 YMML YMTG 06/25/2018 -131 fpm Enroute
ASA528 Christopher Buttars B738 KSEA KSNA 06/25/2018 -564 fpm Enroute
UAL821 Will Barker SBGL HM B739 KSFO MMMX 06/25/2018 -88 fpm Enroute
QFA501 Nick Aitken EA B744 YBBN YSSY 06/25/2018 -222 fpm Arrived
AAL2214 Angelo Damanti B738 KDFW KABQ 06/25/2018 -259 fpm Arrived
DAL722 Robert Kampmann B738 TNCA KJFK 06/25/2018 -170 fpm Arrived