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Pilots: 528
Total Aircraft: 203
Hours Flown: 144360:10:54
Flights Flown: 39662
Miles Flown: 59832707 nm
Fuel Burned: 2712608909.3 lbs
Total Routes: 35067
Pilots in Flight: 20
Total Flights Today: 50
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PID Pilot Country
AAL1309 Evan Bookbinder United States
UPS1308 Chris Woolbright United States
DAL1307 Russ Palumbo United States
RYR1306 Joel Isaac United Kingdom
AAL1305 Liam Richardson Australia
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PID Pilot Award
WJA979 Jason T 6 Month Service Award
RYR1306 Joel I Official Trainee Award
DAL1267 Steve S Greased -200
THY1303 Cenk T Official Trainee Award
SWR978 Walter M 6 Month Service Award
MPH922 Claudio R 50 Flight Award
THY1303 Cenk T Greased -200
KLM1269 Leo D Greased -100
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IP:   Port: 23456

Hawaii Tour Flyer here.

2016 Asia Tour here.

Airmail Tours Flyer here.

Need a route/airline/airport/aircraft added to the system. Email the Staff.

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Welcome To Fly Virtual

Welcome to Fly Virtual!  Let us take care of all of your virtual aviation needs and keep it all under one roof.

We’re not just another virtual airline, we are a comprehensive virtual aviation network supporting flight simulation enthusiasts around the world.  Fly Virtual allows pilots maximum flexibility to fly everything from realistic air carrier routes to pattern work in a C172 to bush flying Alaska or the Congo.  There is no testing or hour requirements letting you pick any aircraft you want to fly.  Pick any route and if it’s not in the system just create your own flight in smartCARS 2 or in our charter system. 

Need more information?  Click here to view our member information pdf or come visit us on TeamSpeak at ts3.flyvirtual.net, or email us at staff@flyvirtual.net

Join today and see Fly Virtual has everything for everyone!

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Latest News
New Aerosoft Discounts

Aerosoft has added 6 more products to our 20% off  VA discount list.

Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 Pro, German Airports Stuttgart Pro (both new for P3D V4)
Bali X, Madeira X Evolution, Trondheim-Vaernes X V2, CRJ X    (yes, the new CRJ)


If you would like us to get you a code for any of these email staff@flyvirtual.net

Posted by Randy Dettmer COO on 08/27/2017
Live Flights
Live Flight Details
Airline Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/ETA
Recent Arrivals
Airline Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Submit Date Landing Status
JIACRJ06 Phillip Durrant C56X KSRQ KDCA 09/20/2017 -62 fpm Enroute
DAL2642 Jason Goetz B738 KMCO KMSP 09/20/2017 -115 fpm Enroute
FVN724 Jay Mells B738 LEMG EGAA 09/20/2017 -318 fpm Enroute
DLH573 Randy Dettmer COO B748 FAOR EDDF 09/20/2017 -230 fpm Enroute
UAL367 Chris Longo HRO B738 KDCA KIAH 09/20/2017 -228 fpm Enroute
FVN7 Bob Gougeon B190 KDEN KATL 09/20/2017 -121 fpm Enroute
BAW99812 Carl Wood MD88 KTLH KRDU 09/20/2017 -343 fpm Enroute
DAL2637 Charles Hamliin MD90 KMIA KDTW 09/20/2017 -318 fpm Enroute
FVN7205 Garo Soghomonian B752 NCRG NTAA 09/20/2017 -263 fpm Arrived
FVN1234 Matthew Jaeger B739 KMFR KTVL 09/20/2017 -238 fpm Arrived